Our Story

Drinking espresso on a quiet summer morning in Cinque Terre is where the idea for Allora started…

Growing up in an Italian-American household I learned the comfort and tradition of coffee early on. Coffee was my family’s constant, and we made it every morning and every evening when my dad got home from work. I can still remember the sound and smell of espresso being made on the stove, and finally growing old enough to make it myself. My parents were always quick to offer coffee – to each other, to neighbors, at a party, or just after dinner. Years later when I was studying abroad in Florence, the neighborhood cafe became my gathering spot. This small cafe became my home away from home and the foundation for many relationships.


Kim  Steinberg
Co-Owner of Allora Coffee and Bites

Why did we start Allora?

The strong tradition of cafe culture in Italy is what inspired us to create a place where everyone can feel at home, and where they can connect with a loved one, business partner, or neighbor. Our dream was to create a place for people to take a break or a pause in their day and bring the Cinque Terre feeling to Norwalk, CT.  Allora is not just a place, it’s a state of mind!